Customer Testimonials

The Florist's Choice Testimonials from Customers

“ I used this product to great success with many different projects. For starters, i used it in its pure form to soak my Hawaiian plumeria cutting, before attempting to root it. It took off after only a week! I was expecting at least 14-21 days, but one week for leaf sprouts beat my expectations. I also used it to soak my Anubias and hair grass in a 50% strength solution. I noticed that after transplanting the anubias from the floral gel/vermiculite mix to my aquarium was more successful than usual, with faster root formation. (I did wash them clean before planting, as aquariums are sensitive to chemical additions, and had no problems with my snails, shrimp, nor my fish. My water quality metrics didn’t waver, as far as my testing indicated).

Furthermore, I tested the efficacy of The Florist’s Choice as a fertilizer on my indoor plants. I typically fertilize with a solution of aquarium water and Miracle Gro; I notice that the smell of the water is much better, as I believe the product neutralizes some of the bacteria/ decaying matter present in the aquarium water. There was no reduction in growth of my plants, and I would also note that my Hawaiian air plant, gloxinia, and bromelade pups have had better color and growth over the period that i used this product.

Lastly, I tested the product on my cut roses. Typically, the flowers will shift from canary yellow, to pink, to peach, ending in a reddish peach before wilting to brown. This process takes roughly 4-5 days, as they aren’t particularly resilient (even when left on the rose bush). I tested side-by-side with a control bouquet with normal water. The cut roses in the treated water (one shot glass of product in 2.5 cups of tap water) had a slowed color transition, and lasted an additional 3 days in great condition! An excellent product with many uses, I can’t wait to use it in my mister to fertilize the leaves of my indoor plants this winter, as I believe it will help sustain some of their strength for spring!”